How to get there

To get to Cozumel, you can get directly by plane to Cozumel International Airport or by ferry from Playa del Carmen. To Playa del Carmen you can arrive by land from Cancun, the cost is $30-40 dollars ($800 Mexican pesos; $128.000 Colombian pesos). The ferry leaves every hour and has costs $10,50 dollars (163 Mexican pesos; $2.800 Colombian pesos). For more information visit the Cozumel ferry website.

To get to Isla Pasion, we will use a private catamaran that will leave from the hotel zone, at the meeting point (to be defined). The return will also be through the same catamaran that will take us to the Hotel Pier agreed.

The plan is to pick up guests at the Pier at 5:00 pm and return at 03:00 am. Please keep in mind that if you want to return before there is a taxi option, the route is about 45 minutes and approx. 60 dolars. It would be ideal if you stay until the end of the afterparty .

If you plan to arrive by any other means than the ferry, please let us know before, since the island is private and you need to have authorization to anchor on the pier.