Where to stay in Cozumel

To find the best lodging, we recommend that you contact Mireya, our wedding coordinator, who will inform you about the best hotels, offers, prices; Depending on what you want. With this link you can contact it automatically by Whatsapp (only on smartphone or Web-Whatsapp). bit.ly/Boda2020 You can Also do it on your own, although you  [….]

How to get there

To get to Cozumel, you can get directly by plane to Cozumel International Airport or by ferry from Playa del Carmen. To Playa del Carmen you can arrive by land from Cancun, the cost is $30-40 dollars ($800 Mexican pesos; $128.000 Colombian pesos). The ferry leaves every hour and has costs $10,50 dollars (163 Mexican  [….]


The best gift you can give us is your presence at our wedding. If you still feel like you want to give us something, take into account that it is a little difficult for us to take the presents back to Germany. That’s Why we have some options: The traditional money envelope. Feel free to  [….]

After party

For all who want to stay until the end, we will have an after party. Where we will give tacos al pastor and continue to listen music 🙂 We would like to know if you can join us in the after, especially to plan the return. You can also pick the songs you want for  [….]

How to Dress

Code: Formal Beach The beach indicates relaxation, but it’s still a wedding, so this are some recommendations to look nice and fresh. ? For her: We Recommend a formal summer dress with fabrics and light falls. A good rule for a beach wedding is to avoid heels and opt for sandals or flat shoes. For  [….]

The party

After the ceremony, we’ll move into the party area. Please Contact the information desk where you can find the appropriate table. We want you to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the party! Food The food will be a surprise for everyone, but if for some reason you are allergic to any food, or you are  [….]


The food will be a surprise for everyone, but if for some reason you are allergic to any food, or you are vegan/vegetarian, let us know so we can anticipate and offer you something that best fits your needs.

The ceremony

We will marry by the church and by law! The Catholic ceremony will be in the Chapel Jesus Pescador in Isla de la Pasion, San Miguel de Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Later, we will move to the civil ceremony that will be on the beach next to the Chapel. Then we go to celebrate! If  [….]